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  Blade of Ct'thon: Kill Salazar in Depraved Sanctuary.


  The Aetherflame: Kill Rostov the Aetherflame in Four Hills found halfway between Hanneffy mine and Cronley's Hideout.

  虚化之火:杀死虚化之火罗斯托夫 (四山的匪徒营地)

  Calamity: Bring a Calamity relic to the board.


  Ballior: Kill Ballior in Infested Cellar about 2 screens north of Burrwitch Village waygate.


  The Raven: Kill Bolla "The Raven" in Staunton Mine.

  乌鸦:杀死斯汤顿矿洞的乌鸦 波拉

  Romanov: Slay "The Bruiser" Romanov in Cronley's Hideout. This is actually two different bounties for him, the one with 2 pages of text has him spawn in the same room with Cronley, the bounty with 1 page of text has him spawn in the room after Cronley. You can do both in a single game session.


  Nalloth: Kill Nalloth the Frostbound in The Warden's Cellar near the entrance.


  Nicholas Balthazar: Kill Nicholas Balthazar in Staunton Mine.


  Aether Crystals: Collect 5 Aether Crystals. Rewards 50 Devil's Crossing rep and common component.


  Halion, The Rat: Kill Halion and his pet rat in Hanneffy Mine located north of the Old Arkovia waygate. Rewards Iron, 75 Devil's Crossing rep, and -25 Cronley's rep. Note that most creatures in this area are too low to give rep at level 40.

  “耗子” 海里昂:杀死海里昂和他的宠物,在汉内法矿洞

  Master of the Pit: Kill Boris the Pit Master just north of the Old Arkovia waygate in the arena. Rewards Iron, 150 Devil's Crossing rep, and - 25 Cronley's rep. Note that this is a very fast bounty to do and Boris himself grants 75 rep.


  Cronley's Ascended: Kill 10 Ascended Outlaws found in Cronley's Hideout. Rewards 50 Devil's Crossing rep, -25 Cronley's rep, and a common component.

  克隆利帮 超凡的战士:杀掉十个

  Tainted Brain: Turn in Tainted Brain Matter. Rewards 50 Devil's Crossing rep, -25 Aetherials rep, and a common component.


  Warden's Pets: Kill Gethrand and Zanbrandt in the Warden's Laboratory. Rewards Iron, 100 Devil's Crossing rep, and -25 Aetherials rep.


  The Blooddrinker: Slay Caspis the Blooddrinker in Depraved Sanctuary. Rewards 75 Devil's Crossing rep, -25 Cthonian rep, and a common component.


  Scrap: Turn in 5 scrap. Rewards Iron and 50 Devil's Crossing rep.


  Reanimators: Kill 3 Reanimators - easiest place to do this is near Homestead. Rewards Iron, 50 Devil's Crossing rep, -25 Aetherials rep.



  Royal Jelly: Bring Royal Jelly (found in wasp hives) to the Rovers. Rewards Iron and 50 Rovers rep.


  Hive Royalty: Kill Ulraprax and Ronaprax the two Hive Queens. One is found in the hive backtracking from the Old Arkovia waygate the other is found near the Twin Falls waygate. Rewards Iron and 100 Rovers rep.


  Skeletal Knights: Kill 15 Skeletal Knights found where undead are plentiful. Rewards Iron, 50 Rovers rep and -25 Undead rep. This is a surprisingly annoying bountyto do.


  Children of Arkovia: Slay 6 Harpy Oracles found in the Broken Hills. Rewards Iron and 50 Rovers rep. Note that harpies take awhile to land so don't run through too fast.


  Cronley's Forges: Destroy 3 Forges in the Four Hills area near Cronley's Hideout. Rewards a common component, 50 Rovers rep, -25 Cronley's rep.


  The Oligarchs: Slay Nomos Dred, Laudos Vagra, and Rhovena Kur in the Arkovian Undercity. Rewards Iron, 75 Rovers rep, and -25 Undead rep.


  Zarthuzellan: Slay Grand Priest Zarthuzellan, found in the Steps of Torment immediately outside the locked door. Rewards Iron, 100 Rovers rep, and -25 Undead rep.


  Lord of Lost Souls: Kill Baron Wradlith in the Spined Cove in the Arkovian Foothills. Rewards a common component, 75 Rovers rep, -25 Undead rep. An easy bountybut the undead in the Spined Cove don't give Rovers rep so low rep gain overall.

  堕落之魂领主 瓦德里斯男爵:杀掉脊状峡谷内的boss瓦德里斯男爵,

  Revenants: Kill 6 Revenants found wherever undead are plentiful. Rewards Iron, 50 Rovers rep, and -25 Undead rep. One of the easiest kill bounties.


  Equilibrium: Turn in an Equilibrium relic. Rewards 500 Rovers rep and a rare component.


  Lord Executioner: Kill Alkamos on the bottom level of Steps of Torment. Rewards 2 rare components, 500 Rovers rep, and -25 Undead rep.


  Ancient Heart: Turn in an Ancient Heart. Rewards Blood of Ch'thon and 100 Rovers rep.



  Homestead bounties can be accessed from the bounty table located in the center of Homestead near the bank.

  Vizer Haxin: Slay Vizer Haxin in Infested Farms not too far from Homestead. Rewards 75 Homestead rep and a common component.


  Stonewart Trolls: Slay 10 Stonewart Trolls found in Smuggler's Pass. Rewards 50 Homestead rep and Iron.


  Dominators: Slay 6 Aetherial Dominators found generally around Homestead. Rewards 50 Homestead rep, -25 Aetherials rep, a common component, and triple the normal XP. Note that Dominators are actually rather rare and this bounty can take awhile to complete.


  The Marrowdrinker: Slay Bolgoth the Marrowdrinker, found in Smugglers pass. Rewards 50 Homestead rep and a common component.


  Phabius: Kill Phabius near the docks in Burrwitch Village. Rewards 75 Homestead rep, -25 Aetherials rep, and a common component.


  Harvestmen: Kill 15 Haunted Harvesters found around Homestead. Reward