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  有个老外研究出来了,不能改多,而且挺麻烦的,大致就是模糊搜索,需要开两个CE,一个搜你获得的星星,一个模糊搜索来确定钱数,然后到只剩几个地址了,修改星星的数目然后钱保存,去模糊搜索的那边修改,而且数值还不能改动太多,比如1100000,你不能改成2100000,只能改成 1200000 1300000这样,然后去开卡牌就可以获得了。



  I want to let you know that you can hack experience, star points, ammo and health, being in the main menu. (I already did it)

  I also have found a way to hack the adress that controls how much money you get from the chests.

  This is not a tutorial of how to do it, this is an progress.

  Important: Read everything before trying! Do not change character! Only collect coins from the chests! If you run out of chests, you have to find an other way!

  1.- In order to do this you have to download and install "Sandboxie", then you go to this link to see how to exclude cheat engine from been detectad by a emulated process through Sandboxie:


  2.- Run Origin sandboxed (Right click Origin.exe ---> Run Sandboxed), and then run the game exe the same way as Origin.exe from the game folder.

  3.- Now that you can open Cheat Engine, you have to open 2 scan tabs, one for the star points and one for the coins.

  Note 1: TAB 1 = Star points

  Note 2: TAB 2 = Coins

  4.- TAB 1: Do 4bytes scan for the value of your current star points.

  5.- Complete challenges until you get 6 star points or more.

  6.- TAB 2: Do 4bytes scan for Unknown Value. (I don't recoment you to do this step if you haven't completed step 5)

  7.0.- TAB 1: Spend 3 star points on a chest and scan for the remaining value of star points.

  7.1.- TAB 2: After collecting the money, scan for Increased Value.

  8.- Spend some time walking arround and killing npcs while you scan for Unchanged Value for both tabs. (This is to get rid of most of the wrong values).

  9.- Repeat step 7.0, 7.1 and 8 until you get 5 addresses or less on the TAB 1, and 35 addresses or less on the TAB 2.

  10.- TAB 1: Change the values of the star points to one not bigger than 200, do not freeze them, or else the game will crash!

  11.- Go to a base and save the game progress. (Inside the character base where a world is floating)


  From now focusing only on the TAB 2 where you should have less than 35 addresses, I will tell you what I got and what I changed.

  At the bottom I got 3 static addresses which I changed, I also changes 2 or 3 dynamic addresses, they had small values, as I remember one of them had a value less than 500, other may be less than 40000 and I am not sure if I changed a third value.

  Important: Never change the first digit of the value or the game will crash instantly!

  Ej.: 1100000 --> 2100000 Wrong!

  Ej.: 1100000 --> 1200000 May work!


  After doing all this steps I opened an other chest and when I got money, instead of getting about 2,500 coins, I got something like 450,000, but the game crashed just after that, no changes were saved.

  This was because I changed the first digit of the values and I can assure you this because when I hacked the experience (Which is really easy to do) I had to change the second digit from 0 or 1 to 2, by doing this I got an insane amount of experience, but when I changed the first digit, the game just crashed.

  All this is not a final result, because is not sertain yet, but I know that there is a way now, the problem is that we are limited, if we run out of chests, we will then have to look for an other way.