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作者:admin 来源:未知 时间:2016-02-19 11:23


  Player is unable to progress to scan in the Geoscape after completing the Resistance Communications research via Tutorial – This will fix previously affected saves.

  Unable to load saves with a Chryssalid Cocoon – This will fix the issue, and for previously affected saves.

  Adjustments were made to Texture Streaming to assist with periodic frame spikes.

  Using the preview voice button for a modded voice pack will no longer crash the game when in the armory.

  Removed 8x MSAA from default Max settings.

  玩家无法进步扫描在Geoscape通过完成教程中的阻力通信研究之后 - 这将解决以前影响扑救。

  无法加载节省了Chryssalid茧 - 这将解决这个问题,并为以前保存的影响。



  从默认的最大设置中删除8X MSAA。