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QQ International Beta3 (Multi-Language)英日法3国语言

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What's New
Multi-Language Pack
You can now choose between three languages to use QQ International: English, French and Japanese.
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Enjoy the Group Panel recommending the latest hot groups featuring on QQ International, all of which are mixing foreign and Chinese
members speaking in English! You'll defenitely find people who share similar interests and if not, just start your own group!
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Chinese Style Skin
Customize your QQ International platform with a unique selection of Chinese style skins.
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The International Channel Shanghai
Offering fast-browsing videos for foreigners living in China, from news and culture to language and travel,
the Shanghai Information Channel covers it all!
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City Weekend
Check out the upcoming events, a selection of the best venues, find yourself in their party picture albums and much more
in the CityWeekend Shanghai and Beijing application.
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Online audio and video lessons, amazing tools to complete your Chinese and your English apprenticeship, offering various
interactive options for you to enjoy... a courtesy of ChinesePod!
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Weather Icon
A default weather icon gives you the weather forcast of your actual location. You can now easily switch between
Celsius and Fahrenheit!
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World Clock
Want to know what time it is and what's the weather like in your own city and in your friends' countries?
The customizable World Clock integrates many cities, their respective DSTs and a small weather icon.
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